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¿ What is a Sensor?

A sensor is a person who after receiving specific training of management control becomes a support and alert to the operational design of sanitary and phytosanitary prevention programs. The ICA has established operating procedures of selection of farmers, ranchers and / or local technical assistants to participate in this national health strategy.
Sensors are a key component in the health strategy led by the ICA, which involves a participatory scientific-technical process based on ecological processes. These processes are integrated and used with a maximum of harmony to identify, monitor and maintain harmful organisms below the economic threshold. The conscious use of this harmonic system, based on technical basis for natural regulation factors indicated by the ICA, will contribute to ensure the agricultural health.
The stability and recognition of national and international sensors are the complement of the quality assurance policy in health care. Once trained and committed volunteer to work at the health stability of crops and / or livestock species on his farm, area and region, the sensors become the support for the operation of early warning systems for disease control and prevention .
The sensors are identified with a card issued by the Ica and maintain an open communication channel with national offices, sectional and local coordination offices Ica and border points and other system components.
In the near future, sensors will be the building block for the ICA  complement their early warning systems and techniques can issue recommendations to the regional health stability


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