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Egypt also wants to buy Colombian beef

Bogota May 24, 2011. The good sanitary condition of the bovine population within Colombia continues generating benefits for producers. After Russia’s recent permission for the importation of Colombian bovine meat, Egypt has confirmed that its market has also opened its doors to this product.


Russia opens it doors to Colombian beef

Bogota April 11, 2011. The Russian government has just approved the importation of bovine meat from Colombia which is one of the more significant markets in the world due to its high level of beef consumption.


Brazil and Colombia sign three animal-product trade protocols

Bogota, D.C. March 24, 2011. On March 16 and 17 a bilateral meeting was held at the main offices of the Colombian Agricultural Institute, ICA, in the city of Bogota between the ICA and the Ministry for Animal and Plant and Supplies of Brazil, MAPA, at which meeting three bilateral protocols were signed for trading live bovine and buffalo, bovine semen and embryos.


ICA orders vaccination of ovine, caprine, bovine, swine and equine La Guajira

Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute (ICA) started vaccination of ovine, caprine, swine, equine that are in a 10 kilometers ratio of Paleska, Wayuú community located in Manaure municipality, alter confirming a cutaneous carbuncle case in a community child. It is estimated that in this process 5.500 animals will be immunized.

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