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Caquetá will also join the battle against bovine brucellosis

In the official giving of Macagual plot to the Universidad de la Amazonia by the Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute, ICA, the institution proposed to Caquetá Department government to join efforts to advance in the eradication process of bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis.


Appointments in Ica

As chief of the legal advisory office in the Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Insitute, ICA, took over a lawyer from Santa Marta, Gilberto Blanco Zúñiga, who is specialized in political and economic studies, Master in social development from the North University of Barranquilla and specialized in contractual law and legal business relations from the University Externado from Colombia. On the other hand, the general manager of ICA, Luis Fernando Caicedo Lince, appointed two technical directors from the subdirections of Regulation and Border Protection, who will help with the institutional tasks in everything related to International matters and logistic.


For internationalization of Colombian land

The Ministry of Agriculture, Corpoica, and Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute, ICA, held a seminar today on “Opening of markets and new technologies in agriculture“ in order to make the sector aware on the importance to move forward scientific and technologically.

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