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Cooperación con Ecuador en materia sanitaria y fitosanitaria

Bogota, August 17, 2011. The bilateral meeting between the Colombian health authority and the Ecuadorian Agency for Agricultural Quality Assurance, Agrocalidad, was held at the ICA’s main offices in the city of Bogota from August 8 to 10, during which both parties signed the aforementioned agreement which takes into consideration aspects related to training, expert consultancy, transfer of technology, and exchange of information related to processes and projects of interest to both countries. Issues within the realm of performance, homologation, interconnection, inspection, and, in general, all of the issues of interest related to animal-plant health and security in primary production were also included.

Bilateral agreement between Colombia and Japan is promoted

At the end of a meeting between the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Fernández Acosta and the head of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery of Japan, Hirotaka Akamatsu, opened the possibility to initiate trade agreements in agriculture matters. Both ministers showed their will to start commercial agreements, once Japanese government finishes negotiation process with Perú.

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