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What is it?

Americas Congress on Fruit Flies is an international event that brings together experts from all countries of the Western Hemisphere, in American continent, to promote the exchange of knowledge on prevention, eradication, and control of fruit flies among members of scientific and academic communities. This congress also aims to raise governments, production guilds, producers and exporters  awareness  about the importance of fruit flies in fruit and vegetable production, and within international trade.

It takes place during the 10th Meeting of Tephritids Workers of Western Hemisphere - TWWH,  as part of International Year of Plant Health 2020 celebration.

Where and when?

The event is organized by the Colombian Agricultural and Livestock Institute - ICA (Colombian plant health authority) and TWWH, with the support of ASOHOFRUCOL -National Fund for Fruit and Horticultural Development- and the Colombian Entomology Society, SOCOLEN. As it is financed by the Colombian National Plant Protection Organization -NPPO- (ICA), it is free of charge.

The congress, initially scheduled from March 16th to 20th, 2020 and postponed due to the global health emergency generated by Coronavirus COVID-19, will be held from November 2nd to 6th, 2020.

In order to guarantee the participation and health of attendees, virtual modality was chosen, with coordination of ICA from Bogotá, Colombia.
There will be simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.

What topics will be discussed?

The congress agenda will cover basic and applied research for the following thematic axes:

  • Area-wide IPM programs and control techniques         
  • Surveillance, regulation and host status
  • Biology, ecology, behavior and physiology
  • Genetics, taxonomy, morphology and biotechnology 
  • Economic, social, policy and Community engagement

The virtual event will keep presentations in oral or poster modalities, keynote conferences with the participation of national and international experts, and forums and panel discussion among businessmen and producers.

Which other additional activities will be accessible?

In accordance with previous program, videos of some productive systems in Colombia and other places of interest in our country will be presented.

Is there a local organizing committee?

Local Organizing Committee is consisting of:

  • Jaime Cárdenas López (ICA) - Chairman
  • Emilio Arévalo Peñaranda (ICA) - Meeting Focal Point

Members of the Local Technical Committee who also participate:

  • ICA, Deputy-management of Plant Protection, Technical Direction of Epidemiology and Phytosanitary Surveillance: Ángela Patricia Castro Ávila, Camila Castellanos Hernández, Jorge Mateus García, María Fernanda Díaz Niño, Martha Liliana Cárdenas Ayala, Pedro Alexander Rodríguez Clavijo, William Humberto King Cárdenas.
  • Colombian Entomology Society, SOCOLEN: Nelson Augusto Canal Daza (Chairman).
  • National Fund for Fruit and Horticultural Development, ASOHOFRUCOL: Heidy Vanessa Quintana Álvarez, Ximena Lozano y Jesús E. Rivera Velasco.